You can increase your agility and performance if you move your SAP software to an IBM platform. Direct Systems Support specializes in secure SAP migrations and HANA deployments.

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Fortune 500 companies come to us with their most challenging and complicated business problems. We turn their challenges into competitive edges.

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We have a solid track record designing, building and implementing reliable and secure healthcare solutions, including Merge and Epic.

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Why Work With DSS?

We invest significant time, labor, and resources to help our customers transform their IT infrastructures across all their business units. With our help, companies improve their services, reduce costs, and better manage their risks. In turn, they realize dramatic improvements brought about by the unique combination of IBM technology products, solutions, and services delivered by DSS.

Today, DSS has earned a national reputation as an elite IT solutions provider. Our clients know that when they come to us, we will give them an honest answer to any business problem they have. If our in-house experts don’t have the solution, we’ll tap our extensive network of industry experts and find it for you. We are your technology partners in the enterprise space.

We believe our success lies in our focus on quality and our ability to attract and retain the brightest minds and the best problem-solvers working in our industry today.

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Disaster Recovery

In today’s technology-driven world, customers expect high-availability from all companies. For highly-regulated industries, like healthcare, finance, retail, and manufacturing, it is an absolute necessity. We provide IBM-based disaster recovery (DR) solutions. IBM is an industry leader in secure, high-availability solutions.

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Compute and Storage

Get the business intelligence (BI) you need to gain an advantage over your competition. Our end-to-end storage management strategies are custom-designed to give enterprises the insight they need to make strategic decisions.

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