Professional Services

With more than 150 IBM technical certifications and fifteen years of experience, Direct Systems Support (DSS) has the expertise to transform customer challenges into competitive edges. Whether the customer is a small e-business or a national healthcare company, Direct Systems Support (DSS) implements best practices and IBM technologies to enhance client business and enable client success.

First, Direct Systems Support (DSS) conducts a preliminary assessment with the appropriate business and technical staff in order to determine the specific short and long-term requirements. Next, these highly skilled systems consultants design solutions around the client’s requirements and review these solutions prior to placing any orders to ensure that they are both accurate and comprehensive. Once the solutions are implemented, Direct Systems Support (DSS) also provides skills transfer to enable the client to understand and manage the new infrastructure. In addition—should the need arise—Direct Systems Support (DSS) provides continued on-site support to ensure customer success.

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