Tape Storage

Tape continues to figure significantly into IT infrastructures for high-capacity storage backup. Its unique attributes can help users manage their storage requirements and contribute to the ever-present value of tape in the storage hierarchy. Tape is:

  • removable: store it away to help protect it from viruses, sabotage and other corruption
  • scalable: add more cartridges, not drives
  • portable: move it to another site to avoid destruction in the event the first site suffers threat or damage
  • fast: lightning fast — up to 160 megabits per second (with 2:1 compression) for IBM's LTO™ (Linear Tape Open™) Generation 3 systems
  • reliable: trust IBM servo technology, read after write verification and advanced error correction systems, to help maintain reliable and dependable storage

Tape can help you address compliance requirements and WORM applications. Tape has a low total cost of ownership, costing up to 10 times less than disk. Using today's disk to disk to tape methodology, tape is a key element.

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