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Compute & Storage

In every organization, there is a strong relationship between performance and storage. To turn the challenge of data storage and analysis into a competitive advantage, organizations should implement an end-to-end storage management strategy.

In other words, your storage environment should enhance – not hinder – your business processes. The right compute and storage environment will deliver business intelligence and enhance business operations.

As a long-time Premier IBM Business Partner, Direct Systems Support (DSS) can offer large enterprises the scalable, innovative storage solutions they need to achieve their business goals.

IBM System Storage solutions are comprised of storage devices and software that help store, safeguard, and retrieve data:

Power Systems:

  • AIX: The UNIX operating system (OS) for the IBM Power Systems POWER processor architecture. AIX delivers the high availability and adaptability that today’s global businesses need.
  • iOS: An IBM-supported operating system that runs alongside AIX and Linux on IBM Power systems.
  • Linux on Power: Also known as PowerLinux. An umbrella term for Linux-only POWER-based systems from IBM. These are high-performing operating systems that deliver exceptional value to infrastructure and IT environments.


With the advent of blockchain, mainframe computing is cutting edge again. IBM z Systems are built for reliability, security, and innovation on blockchain.

The letter ‘z’ in the z Systems of IBM mainframes stands for zero downtime. To ensure continuous operations, IBM z Systems mainframes are built with hot failover capabilities. In addition, all z  Systems mainframes maintain full backward compatibility. Any applications written for IBM mainframe systems can run unmodified on the latest z Systems.


DSS offers a truly comprehensive selection of storage components and software for safe and reliable data storage and retrieval. Our storage solutions include:

  • Disk Storage
    • XIV
  • Storage Area Network
  • Storage Software
  • Tape Storage
  • Network Attached Storage


If IoT development is on your enterprise’s list of initiatives, then you will want Intel powered hardware, software, training, and assets. DSS can design and implement the infrastructure solution you need to rapidly prototype, test, and deploy commercial-scale IoT products.

Customized Pre-integrated Solutions

Whatever your infrastructure needs, DSS can design and pre-integrate a custom solution. We stage, pre-build, and test each solution at one of our facilities and deliver your custom solution quickly.


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